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Helping people struggling with stress to become resilient to stress and increase confidence, creating greater joy and success in life.

Jessica Elliott

Rockstar Confidence Podcast Interview

Podcast Interview

I share my story of going from a place of low confidence in myself and my abilities, to gaining confidence through taking action and showing myself what I can accomplish!

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          What We’re About

Pure Sky Wellness takes a holistic approach, so the mind, spirit and body are addressed to achieve optimum joy and overall well-being.

Who is a Pure Sky Wellness Coaching client?

She has encountered some struggles and some challenges, but she is not ready to give up.  She knows that she can achieve what she wants but also knows that she needs the right program, support and accountability.  She is loving, kind and courageous.  And she is determined.  So through a new process with changing habits she embarks on a transformational journey where she is empowered to be the boss of her life to become the happiest version of herself, resilient to stressors and more confidence than ever.  No limits; endless possibilities.

She is worthy.  She is bright.  She is capable.  She is excited…and she is ready.

…She is YOU.

Where will you let your journey take you?

Meet Jessica

After graduating with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, I became a Registered Nurse, caring for people in the hospital. I knew that hospital nursing would never be my lifelong career, but loved being able to help people in need.

Though I left the hospital and pursued medical sales, my passion for health and wellness never wavered, often helping people who came to me and always continuing to learn.

Some years later, when I discovered health and life coaching, I knew I had found my true career calling and one of the purposes for God bringing me to this earth. In complete alignment with my passion, I find great reward and fulfillment in helping others to achieve their goals and live a more joy-filled, balanced life.

A lover of many forms of exercise – including yoga, dance, walking, and cycling – nutritious eating WITHOUT deprivation, being silly, exploring, traveling, having adventures, meditation, time with my twin daughters, and most of all of Jesus Christ, who I constantly thank for all of the blessings in my life, including the gift of helping others; I bring all of who I am to each of my client sessions and artfully tailor the sessions to their unique needs.

Perfection is not the goal, but continual progress, while learning to fully love yourself. There is no such thing as one right way for everyone, and it’s not about your past, just what you do now as you build your future.  All people are special and beautiful as we are created in God’s image. My desire for you is to be energized, feel good in your skin, love yourself as your Creator does, and enjoy life and more success in life through being happier!

There is never any judgement, only loving compassion, support and a desire to serve. If we are a good fit and we choose to work together, I am here for YOU.

Much love and many blessings!



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