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Journals by Jessica Elliot

Pure Sky Wellness

Daily Download Journal

Do you feel like you have racing thoughts at the end of the day? Too many things going on in your head? Making it difficult to unwind and sleep? If yes, then this is the journal for you!

This is a practice of self-care and personal growth. Ideally it should be done every day. You are worth it!


Vision Board Planner

Use the power of intention and visualization, combined with focus and daily action steps, to achieve your goals! Do you have many goals and dreams but have a hard time seeing it all in your mind? Does the future you want feel scattered and intangible? Or do you have a vision board already but aren’t really sure what to include or how to fully realize those goals?


Perfection is not the goal, but continual progress, while learning to fully love yourself. There is no such thing as one right way for everyone, and it’s not about your past, just what you do now as you build your future.

All people are special and beautiful as we are created in God’s image. My desire for you is to be energized, feel good in your skin, love yourself as your Creator does, and enjoy life and more success overall through being happier and healthier!

There is never any judgement, only loving compassion, support and a desire to serve.

Much love and many blessings!